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V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard

V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard
V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard V3MS Dash7 for VEMS ECUs - digital dashboard
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V3MS DASH7 for VEMS ECUs is Plug 'n Play standalone motorsport dashboard for VEMS ECUs, specially designed for car enthusiasts and hobby or profi race drivers who wants to have all important informations about the car together in one compact, versatile and smart dashboard. Forget the dashboard full of gauges, little dot displays, indicators or tablets! With V3MS Dash7 you no longer needs OEM cluster, tacho, additional sensors, tablets or any other gauges. With Dash7 you can have "ALL in ONE". All informations from ECU and from analog/digital inputs can be displayed on the color screen of Dash7. If any value will be out of the limits, Dash7 will inform you by on-screen messages, warning LED lights or by warning sound. So, you can be fully focused on the race and not on the gauges!

List of features of V3MS Dash for VEMS ECUs:

7 inch, full-color, anti-glare, sunlight-readable TFT screen provide excellent readability at all light conditions (also on direct sunlight)

7 fully configurable Shift-light LEDs with flashing function allows you to set up your shift indicator in any way, any color and any rpm independent on ECU or rev limiter

8 fully configurable Warning LEDs allows you to made indicator light or assign alarm for vital engine parameters with programmable thresholds and colors for every LED

5+ pages for displaying data, switchabled during race by button

- 4x analog input channels (fuel level sensor, temp.sensor, press.sensor, 1x configurable 0-5V signal)

Analog input channels can be calibrated (linear or curve)

- 5x digital input channels switched to +12V (from rev.gear lights, head lights, turn signals, etc...)

3x digital input channels switched to Ground (from buttons or oil press switch, etc...)

2x output channels (for switching turn-signals or other stuff)

Visual and sound alarms (on-screen warning messages and icons, warning LEDs and built-in beeper)

Metric and imperial units (kmh or mph, psi or kPa, °C or °K, AFR or Lambda can be set in Dash7 independent on ECU settings)

Stopwatch function (can measure times for 0-100kmh, 0-200kmh, 100-200kmh)

Short boot time: V3MS Dash 7" is ready to go immediately (less than 3sec.) after power up or start the car

Full data logging possibilities (optional feature)

Alarms data logging (Dash7 chronologically logs all alarms which occurs while driving)

Easy and fast control and setting up the dash thru the simple menus and by just a 5 buttons (which can be mounted anywhere in cockpit)

Easy installation ( just plug the power from battery and DSUB9 connector from VEMS ECU and Dash7 is ready to go! )

Communication with ECU is Plug and Play! No configuration needed in ECU or dash (no AIM, etc...)

Real time clock and date with built-in battery

CNC machined case made in EU and high-quality electronics

- All these features you can have for a very competitive price

Main parameters of V3MS DASH7:
Outer dimensions: 203 x 128 x 40mm (cca. 7,99" x 5,04" x 1,57")
Screen: 7", TFT, High-brightness 1000nit, anti-glare, non-touch
Power supply: 12V (9-16V max.), Current consumption: <3Amp at full brightness, 0Amp at stand-by
Mounting style: panel mount (4x M5 screws) or stand-alone on mounting bracket (non included)

Communication with ECU:
RS232 (Vems Triggerframe protocol)

Available main parameters:

- Wheel Speed 1
- MAP (Manifold Air Pressure)
- AFR / Lambda 1  (AFR / Lambda 2)
- AFR / Lambda Target
- Coolant Temperature
- Manifold Air Temperature
- Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT 1, EGT2)
- Battery Voltage
- Throttle position
- Gear
- Oil Pressure (any Vems Analog channel)
- Fuel Pressure (any Vems Analog channel)
- Oil Temperature (any Vems Analog channel)
- Trigger error
- Launch control status (active/inactive)
- Nitro status (active/inactive)
Additional data from ECU:
- Wheel Speed 2
- Spark angle
- Injector Pulsewidth
- Boost Target Error
- VE Current
- Barometric Correction
- EGO Correction

- Warmup Enrichment
- Total Enrichment
- Accel. Enrichment
- ALS Status
- Shift-cut Status
- Fuel Pump Status
- Misc1 Status
- Misc2 Status
- ETC Error Status

Analog inputs of Dash7 (4x total):
- 1x Fuel level sensor input (can be calibrated linear 0-100%)
- 1x Any temperature input (can be calibrated by curve, can't be used for K-thermocouples without amplifier)
- 1x Any pressure input (can be calibrated linear)
- 1x Any 0-5V input (can be calibrated linear)
Digital (ON/OFF) inputs of Dash7 (8x total):
- 1x Reverse gear switch (+12V from reverse light bulb)
- 1x Head lights (+12V from bulb)
- 2x Turn indicators input (+12v from turn-ind. bulbs)
- 1x Brake pedal input (+12V from brake lights bulb)
- 1x Oil pressure switch (GND)
- 1x Hand brake switch (GND)
- 1x Any Button / Switch (GND)
Data logging:
Alarms logger: internal memory
Full Data logger: SD Card (csv or txt format)
Logging Frequency: 25Hz
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